Workplace Startup Rethinks How We See Work

Image credit: iStockphoto/NiroDesign

SPOTLYFE has a dream. It wants employees to integrate their work, life, and wellness easily. And it’s creating a platform that offers employees a single view so that they have complete control over how they balance all three aspects.

The solution is one of the first to address the Great Resignation head-on. While it is not the first to help with work-life balance, it’s unique in how it addresses employees’ work-life concerns from their perspectives instead of an employers’ or HR’s.

For example, the platform includes a complete set of features that aggregates the latest approaches in attaining work-life balance and reducing work and personal stress. Employees can set intentions to help fulfil days according to what matters most. They will also be able to learn how their time is spent across work, life, and wellness to re-prioritize their efforts and stay aligned with intentions.

The platform also allows employees to choose what they share and with whom about their challenges. This allows employees to tailor their conversation based on their preference — ideal for those who are shy, afraid of social stigma, or are introverts.

When employees choose to share any insights with their managers or teams, the insights can help create meaningful conversations in the workplace that can be personalized to the employees' needs.

"Employee turnover is a USD86 billion crisis that is costly for all involved. Behind this statistic are too many stories of great talent who choose to leave the workforce every day because they expect fluidity between work and life, and no longer tolerate the distinction of their needs as a person from their needs as an employee,” said Josh Schwede, co-founder, and chief executive officer of SPOTLYFE.

And it’s not just for employees alone. SPOTLYFE is helping companies understand what their employees want out of work and see them as “holistic individuals” and not nameless corporate servants.

More importantly, the platform acknowledges that the meaning of work changed with the pandemic, and employees can’t keep siloing work and personal lives. Keeping them apart, it says in a press release, has fueled the Great Resignation as employees feel burnt out and disengaged while trying to keep their work and personal lives separate.

“Companies that do not support their talent as individuals with needs and focus beyond the workplace will continue to lose great people, and in turn lose market share. Unlike most HR technology solutions that have lost the focus on people, by building a solution from the ground up, SPOTLYFE empowers companies to offer their employees a platform that helps them live their best lives,” Schwede explained.

One believer of SPOTLYFE platform is Guild Education, an education and upskilling platform for America's workforce.

"Almost all companies talk about their people as their greatest asset. Yet, people are crying out for a better way to integrate life and work and are leaving in droves when employers can't respond. Guild Education is growing and leading our category because of our people, and SPOTLYFE enables us to honor their full selves by helping them lead a high-quality life that enables them to show up as strongly as possible at work," said Lorna Hagen, chief people officer at Guild Education.

SPOTLYFE is only starting. But if the recent USD1 million pre-seed funding left by Acadian Ventures is anything to go by, its dream is getting real-world attention.

Image credit: iStockphoto/NiroDesign