How Central Group Is Transforming HR With an Automation Bot

Image credit: iStockphoto/SIphotography

Central Group, Thailand’s top retail, property and hospitality conglomerate, has partnered with Workato, a leading automation platform, to transform the employee experience.

The company has streamlined processes and leveraged easy-to-use mobile solutions to establish a stronger connection with its large frontline workforce. It is also looking to replace outdated technology tools and eliminate manual and repetitive work with automation.

One of the automation tools Central Group and Workato implemented is the integration of leave management, health declaration forms, and even employee appreciation into chatbots.  

Here are the three chatbots that are helping companies like Central Group streamline their processes and transform the employee experience:

Efficient leave management with Leave Bots 

Leave requests and approvals can be completed in minutes by integrating with ‘Leave Bot,’ a chatbot that streamlines the process by letting employees make requests in chat. In the week after implementation, the waiting time for leave approvals in the Central Group decreased by 94%, and teams could build and go live with integrations one week sooner.

With the leave chatbot, leave policies and approval workflows are established once. Then employees can complete the process of applying for leaves and updating quotas quickly and easily, reducing the chance of human error.

Safeguarding health with Health Bots

Since the COVID-19 outbreak happened and social distancing orders went into place worldwide, most companies had to implement contact tracing through health declaration forms daily. 

Central Group’s team uses the health bot to collect employees' daily temperature logs and health declarations. Once the data is submitted, it goes to an assigned spreadsheet in Google Sheets. The company could maintain a healthy work environment without wasting time and money on people operations.

Uplifting Spirits with Chom Bot

Workato provided Central Group with a tool to recognize and reward employees who champion corporate values, streamlining the recognition workflow and boosting visibility across the company. Through Chom Bot, the company recognizes employees who champion corporate beliefs and give them a platform to share their stories. 

The recent adoption of Workato is an essential step for Central Group as it aims toward becoming a Digi-Lifestyle Platform. The tool will allow the company to streamline and optimize employee-centric processes.

“The implementation of HR automation has significantly transformed our employees' experience. As we continue to scale our processes with Workato, we're excited to elevate our employees' experience and become a leading enterprise in this digital era,” said Parichat Hananyant, head of digital HR at Central Group.

Image credit: iStockphoto/SIphotography